Best of 2016

It can be hard to wrap up a whole year of music because of how many different areas of music there are. This year was crazy with how much music came out, looking back all of my favorite artists dropped albums. Now I can’t complain about that because as all of us know that’s like a dream come true. It has however made it hard to listen to list all my favorites.

By now i’m sure you’ve read all the articles about peoples favorite albums of 2016. I didn’t want to be just another list for people to search through. My site has always been a little more personal than that. Everyone’s music taste is different and depending on what music you listen to most lists don’t even pertain to your taste. Like imagine if you didn’t listen to rap music..what list would you even look at that didn’t have Kanye West or Chance the Rapper on it. Lucky for you my taste is broad but it won’t cover country music because lets face it…no thanks.

So i’m going to give you a top 3 of my favorites albums, under the categories of rap, alternative and overall. May not seem like a lot but it’s take at least a month to figure out my list of top 10 and to narrow that all down takes a lot of thinking.

So, first lets start with my favorite genre, alternative:

  1. The Lumineers // Cleopatra 
  2. Wet // Don’t You 
  3. The 1975 // I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It

Now I don’t want any complaining about this. There were a lot of runner ups like Bon Ivers, 22 A Million. It took so much for me to not put it in my top 3. These 3 albums to me were smooth the whole way through. Each of them has something different that I just can’t get over. The Lumineers proved that there is no sophomore slump, Wet showed what true songwriting is, and The 1975 made a statement that they are the best live act right now.

Now onto rap music, this was hard.

  1. Chance the Rapper // Coloring Book 
  2. Frank Ocean // Blonde 
  3. Kanye West // Life of Pablo 

Wow okay deep breath after that. So yes in my final list I put Frank Ocean above Kanye West. I think that after it is all over i’d rather listen to Blonde. Frank really out did himself this year with two albums and a magazine. I think that fame really got to Kanye this year which is sad but honestly Life of Pablo will go down as one of my favorite albums of all time. Kanye is a mastermind. As everyone knows by now Chance stole 2016 from every other artist. It doesn’t get any better than hearing him sing “and we back, and we back” at the beginning of “All We Got”. Coloring Book was truly an inspiring album that took my breath away when I first heard it.

For the finale here were my Top 3 most listened to albums of the year,

  1. The 1975 // I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It
  2. Wet // Don’t You 
  3. Chance the Rapper // Coloring Book 

As for 2017 I just hope that it brings as much amazing music as this past year. Obviously we all will have different opinions of what the best albums were but I thought I would let you know mine. Here’s to hoping that Drake realizes his music is trash in the new year.

Let me know your favorites!!


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