Past Life

There is a lot of rich history on the streets of Philadelphia. Rich with culture, food, and most of all, music. Every corner there is a venue that has an artist or band playing in it. From Underground Arts to Union Transfer, you can’t go wrong. Not to mention just how many famous artists have […]

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Finding your vibe

The title may have you think I’m some weird hippie freak and maybe i am but theres always a vibe that you feel with certain songs you like. If I’m not getting majorly sad with a song i like it to have this retro sound. One band gives me that feeling a lot and they […]

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Power of Music

So recently…(tonight actually) i started this TV series on HBO called Vinyl. It is about a man who is running his own record label and the hardships he faces in the industry. So it gave me like inspiration for a post that i so desperately needed. This is gonna be sort of a different post […]

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what i’ve been listening to

Another week where I’m updating…this feels good finally. Im finally getting back into my schedule…that basically means I’m procrastinating all my work by writing this post but whatever. I have some new music/favorites that i want to share with you guys, but it wont be like my usual week in review post. This last week […]

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The 1975 Review

I Like it When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It As some of you know i am obsessed with this beautiful band from Manchester. They went absolutely mad on their sophomore album that i personally think lyrically outshines their debut self entities album. The album opens with a self entitled track “The 1975” […]

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I know I know that you’re thinking…”but liz every monday is new music monday what the hell is this post”…okay so maybe you’re not thinking that but i am here to tell you some exciting news that i want to share and i want to inform you guys of. So I’m going to Firefly this […]

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This week was particularly slow for me…..this was my last week at home before i went back to school and it was very slow let me tell you. I hate having to wait for things i just would want them to happen instead of waiting for them. Although I’m not looking forward to going back […]